19th April 2014

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19th April 2014

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- 嫁 // Bride // JUN:潤 -


- // Bride // JUN:潤 -

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18th April 2014

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  • Day 28 - Draw any bug from Animal Crossing

bees, satan’s little fart cloud

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17th April 2014

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17th April 2014

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Attack on Fat Chocobo.Yeah. I went there.


Attack on Fat Chocobo.
Yeah. I went there.

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15th April 2014

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FFXIV Questions

1: What’s your character’s name.

—— Fredryk Fraust

2: What server?

—— Balmung

3: What race/clan?

—— Hyur, Highlander

4: Favorite class/job?

—— Monk

5: What Grand Company?

—— Twin Adders, soon to be Flames

6: Are you in a Free Company? Tell us about it!.

—— Asgard (Gaia)

7: Favorite City-State?

—— Limsa Lominsa

8: Favorite in-game location?

—— Camp Bronze Lake

9: Is this your first Final Fantasy? If not, which did you play?

—— No it isn’t. Played 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, tactics, tactics advance, tactics advance 2, crystal chronicles, echoes of time. probably some others

10: Did you play Final Fantasy XI?

—— not long enough to count for anything

11: Favorite NPC?

—— Coughing guy from 1.0 limsa tavern

12: Favorite Scion of the Seventh Dawn?

—— Y’shtola

13: Did you get everything in the “Lightning Strikes” event?

—— No

14: Did you play the 1.0 version of the game?

—— Yes

15: What’s your favorite thing implemented in patch 2.1?

—— Ultima HM

16: Favorite Mount?

—— Coeurl

17: Favorite minion?

—— Little White Mage

18: Favorite Disciple of the Hand?

—— Blacksmith

19: Favorite Disciple of the Land?

—— Miner

20: What job(s) would you like to see implemented?

—— Geomancer

21: Favorite Grand Company leader?

—— Raubahn

22:What town not yet in game would you love to visit? (Ishgard, Garlemald, etc)

—— Garlemald

23: Favorite Antagonist?

—— Gilgamesh

24: Favorite Artifact gear?

—— White Mage +

25: Favorite relic weapon?

—— Thyrus

26: Favorite Primal?

—— Ifrit

27: Favorite beast tribe?

—— Amal’jaa and Kobold

28: Do you RolePlay?

—— No

29: Do you play with any IRL friends?

—— Yes

30: What about from Tumblr?

—— No

31: Do you have multiple characters?

—— One other, my genderbent 1.0 character from 1.0 launch

32: What feature would you like to see implemented?

—— Distance meter please??

33: Favorite event so far?

—— XI vs Dragon Quest

34: Do you prefer PvE or PvP?

—— PvE

35: Favorite emote?

—— /pose

36: Favorite city music?

—— Ul’Dah night

37: Favorite field music?

—— Any La Noscea location

38: Favorite battle music?

—— Dapper Zombies FF2 remix

39: Favorite boss music?

—— White Raven

40: Favorite dungeon.

—— Stone Vigil, Pharos, and Cutter’s Cry

41: Do you prefer crafting your own stuff or do you buy it/grind for it?

—— Grind

42: Do you have a house? Where?

—— Ul’Dah

43: Favorite region?

—— La Noscea

44: Any Linkshells?

—— One main one

45: Favorite storyline?

—— Hildebrand

46: Tank, Healer or DPS?

—— Can do any, prefer DPS > Heal > Tank

47: How many hours per day do you spend playing?

—— So many….

48: PS3 or PC?

—— PC

49: Chocobo’s name? Skill tree?

—— Idon’tknowyou, formerly Sprinkle’Cupcakes and Deathgar as tank spec

50: Post a picture of your character!

—— Have plenty!

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15th April 2014

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15th April 2014


Naptime in the few FC house!

Naptime in the few FC house!

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15th April 2014

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look at this fucking noob playing terraria with no goddamn armor on and copper tools holy shit she’s gonna get fucking DESTROYED by that slime ahahaha


look at this fucking noob playing terraria with no goddamn armor on and copper tools holy shit she’s gonna get fucking DESTROYED by that slime ahahaha

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15th April 2014

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So I had my first hostile experience in Dark Souls 2 last night.

I enjoy pvp, can’t say I’m necessarily good at it, but I enjoy the challenges other players present. I joined bell keepers since blue sentinels were just not working out like I had hoped. I was called away to protect belfry luna, a place I had yet to visit so it was new terrain and everything to me. I popped in and another gray spirit was there (apparently he had been waiting for me?). We both climbed the ladder to the bell lever and we’re both roasted by some Pyromancer using fire storm. I thought it was hilarious! I got a message later saying “2 for 1! Lol”. I was about to reply about my amusement with that awful texting keyboard, however I was being called away again. Not much later I got another message from the same guy telling me how I made his night because we were double teaming scrubs and losers. I was like what?? I hate typing out on that keyboard so much, and I don’t have an extra USB one to plug in so in short I had to say “I don’t double team but whatever, I was amused by it.” and i honestly don’t. I start each duel with a bow and if there is another person there I wait until it’s over. A little respectful thing the DS1 community often did. Unless I’m attacked first, I don’t bow. Unless I’m ultimately included in the fight because they begin attacking me, I do not double team. Moments later I got another message saying how full of it I was, saying I don’t double team, and that the other spirit was waiting for me to come. Crap like that. I had to explain that I was new to the area and had no idea where he was, but it didn’t matter if he believed me or not. Nothing back, but I was a little disheartened that something I found funny was later turned to insults based on petty accusations. Kind of bummed me out, but it didn’t upset me at all. I just hope I don’t run into any more jackasses like this.
Praise the sun!

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